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Feather-Hair-Extensions-Celebrity-Venessa-Hudgens-Day-FeathersHave you always dreamed of long, silky, sexy hair? Dream no more! Feather hair extensions are not just for the celebrities of this world, you can have them too!There is a full range of hair extensions on the market today, mainly being human hair. You can buy them straight, curly or just with a wave, in a wide range of colours to suit you.Typical human hair grows at a rate of 1cm per month. To achieve lengths of up to 50cm or more will take more than 4 years.

Most people do not have the time or patience to achieve this look. Also, many peoples hair is not capable of surviving the strains needed to achieve these sorts of lengths and thickness. Thankfully there is a solution and you can get the celebrity look you want within minutes.Clip in hair extensions are stylish, glamorous, sexy and absolutely safe. This can all be done from the comfort of your own home, without spending hours in the salon and paying high prices. No need for glue, bonding solution, weaves or threads.

Volume and Body

Feather hair extensions add instant length, body and volume to fine hair. They also add instant colour without using chemicals. Fitting your feather hair extensions is simple and fun. When you want to remove them, simply clip them out again. You can change the way you look and feel in a matter of minutes. No one can tell you are wearing them and your friends will be so envious of your fabulous look. Clip in hair extensions will hold firmly in place, even when exercising or swimming. If swimming, always wear a swimming cap to prevent your extensions being exposed to chlorine which can be harmful. These hair extensions will not damage your natural hair and can be curled, tonged or straightened just like your own hair. They are extremely versatile and are excellent if you are not looking for a permanent look.Clip in hair extensions need special care to be made the most of and kept in top condition.

Feather Hair Extensions

All feather hair extensions have various care instructions according to the brand you are purchasing. Therefore, always refer to the manufacturers instructions for directions on how best to care for them.Be sure to brush your extensions daily. Wash them at least once a week. If you are wearing them more frequently or exercising in them, you should wash them straight away, as you would your natural hair. Your extensions will also be prone to tangling as a result of hair products which can build up on the hair.

Therefore, before washing your extensions, make sure you detangle them using a wide tooth comb. Work from the ends of the extension to the clip. When washing, gently use a detangle shampoo and conditioner and only use lukewarm water. Do not brush the extensions while they are wet. You can blow dry them on a low heat however, it is recommended you allow them to dry naturally.Although clip in hair extensions are not permanent, by caring for them properly, they will last you a long time.

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Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Feather Extensions 2011 Kids Choice Awards


Cassie Scerbo



Hillary Duff



Jennifer Love Hewitt






Lady Gaga



Miley Cyrus



Selena Gomez



Sierra Kusterbeck



Solange Knowles

Feather Hair Extensions Celebrity Solange Knowles


Steven Tyler



Venessa Hudgens



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